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Business Solutions

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Decentralised Marketplace


A decentralised marketplace where people in real-world professions
will be able to make business deal to anyone.

Crowdsale Ended!

2249.1300  BTC
USD total value
ICO Ended
Crowdsale has been ended.
  • 2249.1300
  • 10007.0827
  • 6846.6874
  • 48367564.1400

E-COIN tokens Crowdsale

Become an E-coin user

We are inviting the business holders from all over the world to be a part of this community and accept the future technology for their business that will be the most reputed cryptocurrency of the world.

E-coin tokens distribution

80% for crowdsale
18% for the E-coin team
2% for advisors and the earliest adopters/contributors

1 btc = 1000 Token


  • Idea creation
    March 2016
  • Concept development
    August 2016
  • Website launch
    February 2017
  • ICO
    February 2017
  • E-coin Launch
    March 2017
  • E-coinX
    April 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-coin?
E-coin is the future cryptocurrency for the businesses and end users where all businesses can deal with directly to the other businesses or to end users by removing the mediator channel and its cost by providing E-coin X platform. It will reduce the costs, and create the environment for safe and fast Transactions by directly allowing them to deal with each other, it will create B2B and B2C environment by peer-to-peer transactions.
Why this project is most important than any other project?
What will guarantee that E-coin price will stay stable in the case market volatility or a massive short-sale attack by speculators?
Who are the basic supporters and how they will hold E-coin?
How the E-coin holders can use business services from each other via E-coinX platform?
Who can join the E-coinX platform and get paid for their work?
If I buy E-coin then how my money is safe?
Why not Bitcoin for the business platform like E-coin?
Can I hold E-coin for future price growth?
who are the developers of E-coin and why I trust on E-coin?


E-coin has keep Supported by more than a Million Businesses, who are the Leading Factors of the Economy.

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